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Beautiful words

These are the words I try to live by

Friday, December 6, 2013

A very brave and bright 5 years old

No chrismas this year!

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A great Man

It was 41 or 42 years ago. I was around 13. My mother had subscribed me to the UNESCO Courier.
One day arrived a special issue. It was about APARTHEID LAWS and showed the racial situation in South Africa. I knew about it at the time, but not in details. we were not taught that at school in those times. Are they  even now, I wonder? 

I was horrified. Rules about marriage, travel, place of residence, work?, For non whites of course. The incredible penalties if you broke these laws were also appalling. 

Nelson Mandela was also mentioned as a famous prisoner, member of the ANC. Litlle by little, year after year, I heard more about South Africa, the apartheid, and the situation of "people of colour" there. And finally, in 1990, the incredible  happened. De Klerk freed Mandela and they decided to end apartheid. 

I've never been to South Africa. I went to Zimbabwe in he 80's after Independence. The white population was fleeing the country, and, not being able to bring all their belongings with them, would spend months in hotels in Harare. It created a sort of colony of bitter, racist people living their last hours of glory. Pitiful.

To go back to South Africa, the world realized very soon that Mandela was special. He was not (any more?) the ANC terrorist but a wise man looking for peace between South Africans. He appeared like a Gandhi, or a Mother Theresa. For a politician, this is quite unknown. He seemed uncorrupted by power, and loved by both his friends and his former foes.

He will remain in our memories forever as a Man of Peace

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mystery on Mars 3

Answer tomorrow. You still have time to guess.

Where are we? And what are we?

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Mystery on Mars 2

Here is a clue. A close up. Guess the place and try to know what hides there. There is a tiny difference!

Mystery on Mars 1

There is a mystery in this picture. Can you guess where it is?

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21 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2013

Some of them are great, some are really creepy!

1. Glow-in-the-dark ice cream. Repeat. Glow. In. The. Dark. Ice. Cream.

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For us Star Trek Fans

The first part is really funny!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Woman buys ‘new’ iPad from Target with past user’s personal information

This happened in Ontario, Canada. I would be very upset if I was the previous owner!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Are we a computer simulation?

If you have read my post about agnosticism, (If you haven't you should!), you know that I question our existence, our origin, and the universe.

There is a very interesting list on Listverse showing different theories about the fact we could be indeed a simulation:

"Philosophers as far back as Plato millennia ago speculated that what we see may not be real at all. With the advent of computers, the idea took on new life, especially in recent years, with films like Inception, Dark City, and the Matrix trilogy. Is it possible that the world is just a computer simulation?"

Read the list on Listverse

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