Friday, November 22, 2013

Food banks, poverty and other musings

This week, I did something that I never thought of doing. Going to register at a food bank. Hardships of life, illness, unemployment and over debts led me to a situation where, without help, my mum and myself would not have enough to eat.

I went to the social services at first, but thy told me bluntly that we could not have any food package. I was pretty desperate.
Then, luckily, I found a charity called the Restos du Coeur. It was founded by a comic actor called Coluche who realized one day, that there was a lot of people who hadn't enough to eat. In a year, it became one of the largest food bank in France, giving tons of foods to people in need.

Believe me, It was not easy for me going there, but they welcomed me in such a kind and human way that it was fantastic.

After filling some papers to prove our financial status, I was given a card that entitles me to get some food weekly for two. Until March. So we are safe this winter. Thanks to this marvellous charity.

Below is a very nice experiment done for TV. It will show you that people have a good heart.

It will cheer you up !

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