Thursday, November 21, 2013

I love Maths

Writing I love Maths is something I would not have though possible 40 years ago. I always was a bug failure at Maths. My grades averaged something like 4/20, and usually close to 0/20. I duscovered the pure beauty of maths much later in life. When I understood WHY and not HOW.

Let me give you an example: PI: 3.14156. Did you ever wonder why is pi is equal  to 3.14156? I did, and asked my math teacher when I was 12. Well he was not a very good teacher and decided that it was NOT a question to ask. He threatened to  punish me if I asked again. I discovered the truths years later. 3.14156 was the ration between the  perimeter and the diameter; Simple. Luminous! Clear!

But the mind of many maths teacher does not function like that. They don't want you to know WHY. They  just want you to apply a formula and shut up. It works with some, but not with me. I would probably have been much better at maths if I had been taught the WHY and not only the HOW. And I'm not the only one!

Below is a fascinating 6mn talk about Fibonacci numbers.  Don't be frightened. The mathematician is entertaining. And wait for the end. It may be an epiphany if you are interested in the Golden Number.


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